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With the first day of school coming up and a much different routine for most children then ever before, it’s a little stressful. From creating healthy sleep habits to establishing a good morning routine, and handling back to school anxiety, we’ve got 10 back to school tips for parents to help make this your best year yet!

1. Create good sleep habits 

  • be consistent – a regular bedtime routine helps most children (and adults) get the sleep they need
  • try Healthy Honeys Lavender Tincture to relax and get a more restful nights sleep

2. Commit to healthy morning habits

  • Turn off distractions – although watching the news might be part of your morning routine, it could be distracting, causing the morning routine to take much longer than necessary. 
  • Send children off to school with a good breakfast (it’s great before the workday, too!) Full stomachs focus better.

3. Get organized!

  • Take a half-hour in the evening to plan for the day ahead – pack lunches, look over the daily schedule, make note of any appointments, etc. This will cause less stress the next day. 
  • Create a family calendar – this will help you keep track of everyone’s obligations, and will help you avoid timing conflicts. 

4. Get a handle on back to school anxiety

  • Listen to your children – sometimes they just need a reassuring word or two from mom or dad to help ease the first day jitters. 
  • Practice – just like for a job interview, or a first date, try practicing your child’s first day of school with them. How will they approach new friends? Can they come up with five questions to ask a new classmate?
  • Manage anxiety with a Healthy Honeys Tincture. Parents can ease first day worries with a drop or two of CBD tincture. 

5. Make homework manageable

  • Take a break- Kids might need an hour to run off some energy right after school. As tempting as it might be to get it done right away, children need a little time to reset before they can focus again. 
  • Work in manageable chunks – If your child has a large project to do, take it one piece at a time. Lots of homework can be daunting, but if you take it one step at a time, it can be less stressful.  

6. Make contact with teachers

  • It’s great to know your child’s teachers. That way, you can stay in the loop with any issues or accomplishments your child may encounter with online schooling.  

7. Give your children ownership 

  • Teach your children responsibility by letting them take ownership over packing their own backpacks. 
  • Give your children small chores around the house. Learning to be a valuable part of a team can help them thrive in life. 

8. Avoid overloading your child with demands

  • Yes, household chores are important, but your child already has a lot on their plate with starting a new school year, so try not to overload them with additional demands. 

9. Give your child positive feedback

  • Reassuring your child that they’re doing their best is a great way to build self-esteem. Confidence goes a long way!

10. Make time for yourself

  • With all the craziness back to school can bring, it’s easy to forget about taking care of ourselves. Make sure you’re taking time for self-care – whether it’s a lunch out with your girlfriends or a relaxing CBD bath at the end of the day, you can give your best when you feel your best.

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