CBD Changed My Life

My name is Lauren and I am a Healthy Honey from Columbus, Ohio. I moved to Denver, Colorado in September 2015 and I absolutely love it here! Although I grew up in a state where medical and recreational marijuana were not legal, I started smoking cannabis at the age of 15.

            The first couple years that I smoked, I didn’t realize the medicinal benefits of cannabis. When I was about 17, I started to become aware of how marijuana was affecting my body. I have always dealt with back pain because I have minor scoliosis. This simply means that my back is crooked. Sometimes it hurts after sitting for long hours at a time and other times it hurts for no other reason than it is naturally curved. I began to learn that I could smoke marijuana to relieve my back pain.

            I have also struggled with headaches my whole life. In Columbus, Ohio it is incredibly cloudy. On average, there are heavy clouds 190 days out of the year. Heavy clouds bring rain and rain brings barometric pressure change. This causes my sinuses to clog which leads to a head ache. I know it may sound hard to believe, but I can wake up in the morning and know it is going to rain based on my headache.

            Smoking marijuana was and still is something that I do to relieve my head aches. It is often times more effective than an over the counter pain pill. The weather in Denver doesn’t cause headaches nearly as much as Columbus, but I still medicate with cannabis when I get them here.

            When I moved to Denver, I met Shannon. We immediately clicked! Shortly after getting to know Shannon, she opened up to me on a deep level about her depression. This gave me the courage I needed to finally open up to someone about my depression. I have battled depression since I was about 14. Every winter, I would get depressed for what seemed like absolutely no reason. I would talk to friends about feeling sad and they would just write it off because of the weather. Of course dreary winters make everybody sad and lethargic.

            I thought my depression was just normal. I thought everyone in Ohio felt the way I felt because our winters are so gray. It wasn’t until the winter of 2014 that I realized how serious my depression was. I told my boyfriend, now fiancé, that I was having suicidal thoughts. His immediate reaction was to figure out why so he could help me. But that was the problem, there was no reason why. I just felt terrible and I didn’t even know why. I couldn’t explain where it was coming from which was so frustrating because it made it seem like there was no cure. But I felt confident that I wouldn’t act on any irrational thoughts and I also knew that the darkness would pass in time, I just had to wait it out.

            When Shannon told me that CBD could help my depression, even cure it, I didn’t quite believe her. I had to try it for myself before I was convinced. She gave me a Mary’s Nutritionals 10mg Transdermal Patch. She told me to cut it into 16 pieces so that I could micro dose. Shannon explained that I could actually repair the receptors in my brain that cause depression by micro dosing CBD. I did this for 16 days and then had to get another patch to continue for a total of 32 days. I was and still am amazed. 2016 is the first year since I was about 14 that I can remember not feeling depressed.

            This past winter in 2017, I got depressed again. Many people have asked me if I think my depression disappeared by moving to sunny Colorado, I guess this is proof that’s not the case. I must admit that I stopped my daily intake of CBD and I was using it on an as needed basis instead. Once I realized the funk I was in, I started to feed my endocannabinoid system daily like I knew I should have been doing all along. Sure enough, my depression subsided after about a month.

            Back pain… headaches… depression, and there is even MORE! I was a cigarette smoker for over ten years, which is about a third of my life. (Terrifying to think of it that way.) I’m 28 now and I recently quit. Like many smokers, I got addicted young and didn’t understand the consequences of my disgusting habit. As I grew older and become more mindful of my body and health, I knew I needed to quit.

            It is extremely hard. I still crave cigarettes. I feel like I will forever be haunted by the urge to smoke because it’s still so overwhelming every once in a while. There is ONE thing that constantly keeps me from lighting up, and it’s my CBD vape pen.

            Using a CBD vape pen infused with just cannabidiol and terpenes gave me the strength to kick my habit. I keep my vape pen with me at all times, especially in situations when I know I will feel an urge to smoke nicotine. When I’m feening for a cig, I puff on my vape pen to take the edge off, calm my nerves, and keep cigarettes out of my hands.

            CBD changed my life. I use it regularly for various different reasons. Shannon taught me that I didn’t have to get high to relieve my back pain or headaches. She gave me different products to use for pain relief. I started to use topical creams on my back when it was sore instead of smoking marijuana. I can even get rid of a headache now by applying a transdermal or topical cream to my temples. My lungs are much healthier now because I’m not a smoker anymore. Most importantly, my mind is healthy. And whenever I feel unstable, I immediately use the Mary’s Nutritionals Transdermal Gel Pen or Healthy Honeys Vape Pen. I have learned so much about cannabis and I want to share the healing power of CBD with other women.

One thought on “CBD Changed My Life

  1. Elizabeth Marsamane says:

    I am so inspired by your story Lauren. I, too, suffer from depression and an occasional headache. I also have anxiety and am perimenopausal. I experience gut wrenching cramps as well as deep depressive episodes that last for weeks and/or months at a time. It is really difficult to cope during those times and taking over the counter pills and prescribed medications just seems like a band-aid solution. It doesn’t feel like a good long term solution to the debilitating pain I live with nor does it feel like a truly healthy mean to relieving or curing my pain. So, your story gives me hope knowing there are CBD products that can actually help me! Thank you for sharing!

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