Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung, and here at Healthy Honeys, we’ve been reflecting on the ways we use CBD to welcome in the new season. As the days become longer and the sun’s heat becomes stronger, we can all find ourselves challenged by this earthly transition. 

With more outdoor activities inviting us to outpour extra energy, we can feel like we’re running on low batteries while coming out of winter’s hibernation. In our gardens, the seeds we sow in spring take our time and diligent cultivating. These longer days spent outside can sometimes leave winter skin and lips over-kissed.  

Flowers begin to bloom, and we are reminded of our own necessary growth and the discomfort that can come in nature’s breaking of the bud. The flowers we love who offer us these beautiful reminders can also stimulate allergies for many of us. 

With these challenges that we can all face in mind, we thought we would share with you just a few of the many ways we use Healthy Honeys CBD products to alleviate these common spring inducing ailments.  

  1. Those BUGGIN’ allergies – Call on Queen CBD. Use our Healthy Honeys CBD tincture under your tongue or in your favorite spring spritzer to boost your allergy-prone immune system.
  2. Sun-kissed dry lips – Kiss ‘em goodbye and send them away with winter. Call on our CBD Relief Cream to soothe any lips dry after being accidentally over-kissed (the only time we will ever say such a thing).
  3. Those after-hike sunglass tans – Nothing soothes a pink nose – or any sunburned skin like Healthy Honey CBD Skin Cream. Not only will it relieve your lips, but also any other rashes or scapes you may receive from new plants blooming. 
  4. Longer days, lower energy – It doesn’t have to be! Our Grapefruit CBD tincture can help you adjust to days getting longer, and absolutely nothing is better after a long spring day than a soothing bath with Healthy Honeys Deep Detox Bath Salts.
  5. Stress from spring activities – anytime inevitable stress comes to a knocking, during a transition seasonal or personal, Healthy Honeys CBD products have your back to bring relief, ease, and uplift.

Spring has sprung, and we certainly hope that these sweet tips can offer you a little ease during a transition we are surely all in together.

With Love, 

Elle Beau 

Healthy Honey 

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