4th of July 2019

I wanted to share a little story from my Fourth of July with you. I was up in Greeley, Colorado with a friend at a family gathering. My friend’s family was visiting from overseas, and I hadn’t seen this side of their family in a few years. I was elated to see them. As we started talking, I shared the recent good news with the family about Healthy Honeys being on the TODAY show. A few family members’ ears lit up and a few heads turned. As we spoke more, the maternal grandmother joined in on the conversation. Turns out she has been taking 100mgs of a hemp tincture for about 60 days, and hasn’t found any relief. We started talking about brands, and found out the product she was taking did not contain CBD, and was just hemp seed oil. This was disheartening; that she was led astray by another CBD company.  I was more than happy to give her a lavender tincture sample and my card, knowing that Healthy Honeys tincture has the exact amount of CBD stated. As I finished talking to Sharon, another friend waved me over to come sit down. 
The gentleman that waved me over has MS, and refuses to take any pharmaceutical medicine for his pain. I spoke to him about the patients I have worked with in the past, and laid the facts down straight, because that was the type of gentlemen he was. After listening to what I had to say, he asked for a sample and my card. Interactions like this make my passion and fuel for this work grow.  
As I slipped my lavender lemonade, hanging out with my dog and watching the kids play beer pong, another women from Japan approached me. She lives on the military base and was fascinated by what she overheard me saying. We spoke about my business, and what I think the future holds. She had mentioned she had a sun burn from being in Colorado; so close to the sun. I reached into my pocket and grabbed my last sample of the Rose Serum. She was very grateful and ran directly into the bathroom to use it. I was heading home very soon, or I’m sure I would have found more people to talk to about CBD. 
The moral of the story is- even in Colorado, where cannabis is prevalent, education is not, and where ever you are is a great time to share knowledge about CBD.
~Shannon Donnelly, CEO and Founder Healthy Honeys~

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