Dana Beneway was thirteen when she was first introduced to cannabis. At first, cannabis was fun to experiment with growing up on the East Coast. However, she got more serious about cannabis in her early twenties after her then husband was diagnosed with Crohns Disease and Degenerative Disc Disease. Both are debilitating conditions that have symptoms that include an irritable bowel, joint pain, body inflammation, migraine headaches, weight loss, nausea, and the inability to retain nutrients from food.

In 1988, after a trip to Amsterdam, her husband began to see improvements in his condition. He was gaining weight, eating and sleeping better, and had noticeable relief from his joint pain. Dana and her husband were excited to share his improvements with his doctor- to which was met with disdain.

After this, Dana sprang into action. She educated herself on the cannabis plant, the laws, and why President Nixon decided to reschedule the plant as an illicit drug. After California became the first state to legalize medicinal cannabis in 1996, Dana set her sites on the west coast. In 2011, she quit her job and moved to Oakland to attend the newly opened Oaksterdam University. There, she learned everything about the cannabis industry and the miracle plant. She worked with cultivars and patients suffering from cancer, HIV, and veterans suffering from PTSD, among other things.

Dana met a young veteran of 22 whose body was destroyed not only from the land mine that his patrol hit, but from the opioids prescribed by his physician. The only relief he could find from phantom limb pain and nerve pain was cannabis.  His organs could not take much more of the medication and his quality of life was low due to the prescriptions’ side effects. He was having difficulty getting his recommendation for his medical marijuana card. This is when Dana became a cannabis advocate.

Dana now has twenty years of experience in the Cannabis industry under her belt. Her knowledge is vast- with experience in retail, cultivation, and compliance. Dana is an advocate for cannabis and CBD treating a wide variety of conditions, specifically for reducing anxiety and CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Dana Beneway lives in Denver Colorado but travels frequently to California and Florida. To connect with Dana email her at Dana@evolutionadvisorygroup.com

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