Healthy Honeys Full Moon Goddess Party

Ever wonder what is like to attend a Healthy Honeys Full Moon Goddess Party? Here are a few of the fun activities you will find at our events. 

All Full Moon Goddess Parties are held within 48 hours a full moon. We celebrate our feminine energy during this time.. Activities include tarot card pulls, a ceremonial marriage to ourselves, consumption of beverages energized by the full moon, cleansing of negative energy, dancing, and CBD education for Women by Women.

Activity Overview: 

Negative Energy Cleansing 

Items needed: 

Rolling Papers – Enough for all guests

Large Long Glass Vase – burning the papers into


Writing utensils – Enough for all guests 


Have guests write one thing they want to remove from their lives and one thing they want to manifest. Host will walk to all guests with the vase and light their rolling paper on fire. The guest quickly releases the written rolling papers into the vase, watching the fire burn, and breathes in the smoke of new change. 

Write yourself a Love Letter

Items needed:

Blank Cards – Enough for all guests (plus 2 or 3 extra for mess ups)

Writing Utensils – All different colors and mediums ( Pens, markers and pencils) 


Set up a secluded area for up to 2 women to sit and write, in this area include all items and a sign stating “ Write Yourself a Love Letter”. Host will be the first to write and self address an envelope in the area. Throughout the night, make sure to remind guests to write a love letter, that you will send out to them in the coming weeks. You can be creative and send out the cards on the next full moon or summer solstice. Make sure to write a nice little love note for your guests on the back on each  sealed envelope before you send them out as well. 

Marrying Yourself Ceremony. 

Items Needed: 

Fire Pit or area to circle around 

Self Vows – enough for all guests


Near the end of the event, gather all guests in a circle around a fire if possible. At this time make sure everyone has a copy of their “self vows”. Host will read each line and then guests will repeat after them. Once the self vow is complete, congratulate everyone on their marriage and give out a howl of love and respect for yourself towards the moon. 

Here is your vows:

I love my Strange beauty and amazing pain

I love my hungry soul and entertaining games

I love my flaws, my gaps, my fears

I love my mysterious, dazzling frontiers

I will never forsake betray, or deceive myself

i will always adore , forgive and believe in myself

i will never refuse, abandon, or scorn myself

i will always amuse, delight, redeem myself

Beauty and turth and love will always find me

chaos and wilderness will always sustain me

i’m the fire and water and earth and air that are forever fresh from eternity

i’m a perfect creation and everything alive is naturally in love with me


Love and Relief Elixir

Items Needed:

Citrine & Rose Quartz Crystals 

16-32 oz filtered water 

Rose Quartz is the love stone – this full moon, love will come into focus 

Citrine can strengthen your will center and dispel heaviness and denseness of emotions

Place each crystal into glass jar with loving intention- think about the crystal’s properties and as you place each crystal into the jar, speak words of affirmation and love 

Charge crystal infused water in the sun for 8-12 hours.

Pink Moon Milk

Ingredients needed:

1 cup coconut/almond milk

½ cup tart cherry juice

¼ cup Hemp  CBD simple syrup 


Heat milk and cherry juice over low heat in a small pot. Add in Hemp simple syrup and warm about 5 minutes. Remove from heat and sprinkle with dried rose petals, if desired. 

Lavender Blueberry Moon Milk

Ingredients needed:

1  cup vanilla coconut/almond milk, warmed 

1  cup brewed Blueberry Rooibos tea

1 tablespoon dried lavender (optional)

¼ cup Lavender CBD simple syrup 


Steep blueberry rooibos tea. Add in warmed milk, simple syrup, and top with dried lavender.

Moon Shaped food

Ingredients needed:

  • Lots of fresh, seasonal fruit 
  • Marinated full moon plate (marinated mozzarella balls, tomatoes, crackers, olives)
  • Full Moon falafel balls w/ tahini 

These parties can be held every month on or near the Full moon. Please reach out with any questions or more ideas for the event! Don’t forget to share your Full Moon experiences on social media with the Hashtag #HHFullMoonGoddess

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