Grateful for Grapefruit

Thank Goodness for Grapefruit

Healthy Honeys Grapefruit Tincture is the morning boost and motivation you need to make every day a great day!

Limonene, the main plant terpene in the Healthy Honeys Grapefruit Tincture is a natural mood booster and stress reliever! It also has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It may also help with gastric reflux and heartburn. Clinical trials have shown that daily Limonene consumption may also inhibit the growth and spread of tumors. There’s still a lot of research being done on Limonene and its potential therapeutic effects. 

What’s inside?

All Healthy Honeys tinctures are made with organic MCT oil and 600mg of broad spectrum CBD oil, including CBD, hemp, and plant terpenes. 

What can I use it for?

The Grapefruit Tincture is great for those who are suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, hangovers, digestive issues, circulation issues, and more. It is also great at fighting internal inflammation, aiding in combatting arthritis pain. Tinctures help to ease menstrual pains and muscle spasms. Limonene, the main plant terpene in the Grapefruit Tincture, is a natural mood booster and stress reliever. 

How much do I take?

There’s 30mL in each bottle; 1mL is 20mg of CBD.

Healthy Honeys tinctures include a calibrated dropper.

This dropper has 4 different markings-

.25mL = 5mg 

.5mL   = 10mg 

.75mL = 15mg 

1mL    = 20mg 

Why do we offer so many dose options? That is because every person’s body processes CBD differently; depending on multiple different factors that include weight, medical condition, metabolism, and the dosing method.  

Most individuals find that a dose between 10mg -20mg throughout the day works well. With our tincture, you are able to take as little as 5mg in a single serving. 

Grapefruit might interact with some medications

Please speak with your doctor if you are taking any medications that might interact with grapefruit. Grapefruit can increase side effects from some medications. The following medications should not be mixed with grapefruit:

Some Cholesterol medications (Lipitor, Mevacor, Zocor)

Certain Blood pressure medications (Felodipine, Procardia, Cozaar, Inspra)

A few heart rhythm medications (Amiodarone, Multaq)

Some anti-infection medications (Erythromycin, Rilpivirine and related HIV drugs, Primaquine and other antimalarial drugs, Albendazole)

Several mood medications (Wellbutrin, Seroquel, Latuda, Geodon, Buspar, Valium, Versed, Halcion)

Certain blood thinners (Eliquis, Xarelto, Plavix, Brilinta)

Pain medications (Fentanyl, Oxycodone, Colchicine)

Your pharmacist or doctor can suggest alternate medications that won’t interact with grapefruit

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