Healthy Honeys goes to Hawaii

I recently got back from a vacation to Kauai, Hawaii and brought my Healthy Honey’s product along for the trip and would like to share my story with you.

The flight was over 10 hours long with layovers from Denver to Kauai. I am not a huge fan of flying and get anxiety around crowds. I used my CBD gel pen instead of Valium that I usually take and it worked great. I was able to relax on the plane and even took a little nap.

The first day we went to a beautiful beach. I felt a stinging on the back of my ankle and contributed it to the salt water and a small cut from shaving. When we got back to the hotel I saw I had a huge raised, red tentacle mark on the back of my ankle. I had been stung by a jellyfish. I put the Healthy Honey’s skin cream on my sting 3 times a day and it was all cleared up after 10 days and did not leave a scar.  I also used the skin cream for my sunburn and it worked great turning my burn into a tan almost overnight.

I got to go on a deep sea fishing excursion on day. The boat captain was a very nice old man. We go to talking about cannabis and CBD and he was interested in learning more. I pulled out my Health Honey’s CBD Relief Cream and had him apply it to his arthritic hands. He was amazed at how his pain was gone and he could successfully bend his fingers. I left my jar with him hoping to share pain relief  with him and his fellow fishing mates.

Lastlely I quit smoking cigarettes while I was on my trip. I would use my CBD gel pen and Grapefruit CBD Vape Cartridge every time I got the urge to smoke a cigarette. It worked and I came back to Colorado a non smoker.

Thank you Healthy Honey’s for making such great CBD products that help with so many ailments and something safe I can travel with.


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