We have a true passion for helping 

We are Healthy Honeys! We are passionate about cannabinoid education for women by women. We specialize in high quality Cannabidiol (CBD) products. We have Honeys all around the country that sell CBD products designed specifically for women. Our Honeys host at home cannabis parties to educate women about cannabis, CBD, and hemp. 


Become a healthy honey


When you join the Healthy Honeys team, you will join a nationwide community of empowered women. Each Healthy Honey is trained on the specifics of cannabis and women. Candidates who are perfect for becoming a Healthy Honey believe in the medicinal power of cannabis. Once you have signed up to become a Healthy Honey, you will receive a training material and sales kit. As you become knowledgable about cannabis, you will too will educate those in need and change lives.


Training material included

  • Product Guide
  • Cannabis Education Guide
  • Healthy Honey Party and Sales Guide
  • Branding Guide
  • Educational links
  • Monthly updates on the Healthy honeys program


At parties you will be a resource for your party goers to purchase hemp and CBD products. Many party goers will continue to purchase products from you. As a Healthy Honey you will earn 35% – 60% on the sale of these products. Once you have signed up to become a Healthy Honey, you will also receive a sales kit. The sales kit and training materials are free after completing our 2-hour training.

Sales kit includes

  • 1 product of your choice to try
  • 1 sample of a product for party-goers to try
  • Cannabis Education
  • CBD & YOU
  • Medicinal values of products