I am thankful for growing up in Littleton, Colorado because I have never had to fear going to jail for using my medicine of choice. Colorado is open and accepting of cannabis use. I have been using cannabis medicinally since I was 13 years old. At the time, I didn’t quite understand that I was medicating, but as I look back at my life, I now understand that cannabis greatly improved my health.

Starting at Columbine High School, I struggled with severe depression. I battled with anxiety, low self-esteem, and family arguments. I used marijuana every day to feel better. Marijuana did not make me any less motivated in school; I maintained a 3.8 GPA throughout high school and I was heavily involved in different extracurricular activities. Theater was a love of mine. I was in every play at my school. I was an upstanding student who smoked cannabis every day.

I went to my family doctor for a yearly check up at the age of 16. We spoke about my troubles at home that were causing my emotional distress. I was hoping my doctor would refer me to therapist to talk to, but instead she wanted to prescribe me antidepressants. I was completely against this. I declined her recommendation. My best friend at the time, Katie, was also struggling with similar problems as I was. She also went to a doctor to seek treatment around the same time I did. Her doctor prescribed her antidepressants, on top of the prescription for pain pills she already had due to a former injury.

I am no doctor; I do not pretend to be a medical professional. My opinions have been formed from personal experience and witnessing over 10,000 medical marijuana patients. I do know that Katie’s blind faith in her doctor lead her into a struggle with prescription pills. I feel like this was a situation where a doctor took advantage of a helpless 16 year old girl.

Over the next eight years, Katie became addicted to the prescription pills. I noticed Katie was using the pills to escape from life rather than using them for what they were prescribed for. I was worried about her. While we were in college, Katie was not living up to her full potential because she was held back by the prescription pills. I used cannabis medicinally throughout college and was extremely successful.

While I was attending Metropolitan State University of Denver working on my Bachelors of Science in Land Use with Environment and Resource Concentration, I fell victim to the common disease of anorexia. I used cannabis to increase my appetite to help me with anorexia. This went hand in hand with my first job in the cannabis industry. I made edibles at one of Denver’s first dispensaries. I began learning how cannabis can help people.

A few years later, I worked at Apothecary of Colorado. At the time, I was regularly smoking marijuana to treat my migraines. I was also using cannabis salve to manage the pain of my dislocated knee. This is when I started to realize that there are so many other ways to use cannabis medicinally. Throughout the next few years, I worked at three different dispensaries. As a bud tender, I would recommend CBD products to customers who were dealing with different health issues. As a budtender, I realized that more women needed to have education and products available for them.

While I was expanding my knowledge on the health benefits of cannabis, I was telling Katie all the new information I was learning in the hopes that she would stop taking the prescription pills. Unfortunately, she began to take more and more pills. I tried my best to convince her to get off of them and use cannabis to manage pain and anxiety.

Katie got into a terrible car accident when we were in college. She was charged for driving under the influence. She was then put on probation and drug tested regularly. It was illegal for her to test positive for marijuana but it was completely legal for her to test positive for opiates. This is when I discovered how backwards the system is.

After struggling with prescription pills for years, Katie passed away due to a doctor’s mistake. She was prescribed a bad mix of pills that caused her to fall asleep and never wake up. Katie’s story is sadly a common one. Doctors often over-prescribe pills to children as young as 12. This could have been me, but I chose the natural and safe route to dealing with my depression and anxiety.

Even though I worked in the marijuana industry, I never had personally used CBD. It wasn’t until a Cheeba Chew representative gave me a 70mg CBD Cheeba Chew that I learned the benefits of edibles. I didn’t think much of it and I just stuck it in my purse. Later that night, I went to dinner with friends. I had my first panic attack ever. While I tried to look calm and cool, my hands were shaking and I was breathing heavy. I remembered that I had the Cheeba Chew in my purse and I discreetly grabbed it, unwrapped it, and I devoured the whole thing. Within twenty minutes, my symptoms subsided. My anxiety vanished, my body was relaxed, and my friends had no idea that I even had a panic attack and treated it at the dinner table.

The following week I had a second panic attack, my boyfriend at the time (who was a trigger for my anxiety) convinced me to take a Xanax. It definitely got rid of my anxiety but it made me lethargic and cloudy headed. I did not like the way that it affected me. The Cheeba Chew worked so much better for me. I realized that CBD could help me through this time of anxiety.

I started taking 15mg 2:1 CBD to THC pills. When I took these pills in the morning, my day ran smoothly. I felt better without the foggy mind that a Xanax would cause. I got a 60 day supply of the CBD pills. I ended up taking the pills for 18 months altogether. They had a tremendous effect on me. I felt matured as an individual. I have not dealt with such crippling depression and anxiety as I did before. After my experience with CBD, I felt the need to share my story and start a company to help women. This is when Healthy Honeys was created!

In 2013, Healthy Honeys had its first party. It was about 12 women and some of their husbands. We educated them about the countless ways cannabis could improve their everyday life. We ended up selling about 400$ of product. We have had several parties since. In the beginning of 2015, we started holding events called Get Fit Stay Lit. These parties focused on yoga and cannabis education for women.

Now Healthy Honeys is focusing on expanding to other states. I need to help women get off of pain meds, and use cannabis in the way this plant is meant to help us . I have this burning desire to share all of my knowledge and background of cannabis with women who desperately need it but just don’t know it yet. I have used cannabis for depression, anxiety, anorexia, and even blemishes on my face. It has exponential power to help women of every age and background. Healthy Honeys is here to help women improve their everyday lives through the use of cannabis.

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    Elizabeth M says:

    That’s quite a story! You are very wise and I agree with what you’re saying about CBD’s benefits.
    I live in Portland, Oregon and am interested in getting more CBD products out to women (and men) who need to live a better life.

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